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What are cyber security services?

Hackers and cybersecurity threats are here today—it’s the cost of doing business. But, there’s good news: you can take control by allowing DFND to strategically architect iron-clad, custom solutions to protect your business: your confidential data, your customers, your infrastructure, your users. There’s a reason why global enterprises trust DFND to solve their most complex, intricate security challenges. Security strategy, implementation and operations is not only what we do best, it’s what we believe in. That’s why we craft a security strategy for every client engagement, whether you called on us to help with security or not. It’s that important. There is no Impossible !


Comprehensive IT services include

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    Design 4 Impact

    Design for Impact (D4I) is part of our core methodology! It has 3 simple steps; find an important problem, that we can solve, with a durable advantage that enables continuous improvement! We always start by getting in the trenches with our customers to really understand the challenges they face. We then define explicit criteria that allow us to brainstorm a broad range of options that we take directly to the team so we can create choices everyone can get behind. Lastly, we develop your durable advantage, whether it be through Data Analytics, Automation or via one of our incredible partners that truly drives impact to the business!

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    There is no Impact without Operations

    At DFND, we always start with Architecture…and we architect all the way down to the operational processes and capabilities! Before we ever talk about tools and services, we talk about the capabilities that exist, how they are delivered, what can be enhanced and the known gaps. We utilize the Design for Impact process to come up with the really interesting problems that we can solve while leveraging the investments our customers have already made!

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    Inovation at every layer

    If it is not AUTOMATED, it’s BROKEN… you will hear us say this a lot! As we work with our customers on architecting solutions that solve real problems, we spend time at every layer of the stack! From Endpoint Security to Application Threat Modeling, we help you invent solutions for your needs and specific challenges. As we bring automation to each layer, we FREE UP our most important resource, our people, to do more interesting and impactful work! The most successful Automation projects are never about removing people. They are about freeing up those people to drive the next innovation!

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    Dynamic Staffing Model

    Scale your project team within days. Only work with the best people in the industry to innovate and execute for your business. That’s why we operate our technical recruiting arm with the idea that average is unacceptable. DFND’s massive global network is backed by more than a two-decades of technical recruiting experience.

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    Looking for the playbook on how to hack yourself?

    DFND Pen Testing and Red Teaming is led by Peter Kim.  Peter is the best-selling author of three offensive security books:  “The Hacker Playbook” Volumes 1, 2 & 3. He has been in the information security industry for the last 15 years and been a penetration tester/red teamer for the last 12 years. During this time he was a penetration tester/red teamer for multiple utility companies, Fortune 1000 entertainment companies, government agencies, and the Federal Reserve.

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    Multinational Financial & Delivery Capabilities in over 156 countries

    DFND is headquartered in both Irvine, California & São Paulo, Brazil; allowing us to provide unmatched professional services and global delivery throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

    With global delivery, comes complex global finance:  DFND Finance is well versed transacting in-country, in your local currency (currently transacting, in-country > 6 currencies);  DFND Finance has been working with enterprise finance teams to reclaim VAT, landing charges, import duties, etc. through in country billing and importer of record (IOR) services for hardware, software & subscription transactions.

    Let us show you how we can add global velocity and costs avoidance to your next security project !


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Seize control of your escalting cost

    Today’s security threats require a comprehensive understanding on where your critical investments should be invested. DFND’s approach allows you to make informed decisions to scale your Orginization and Infrastructure on projects that deliver the most value for your investment.

  • Trusted Security advisor

    Through meaningful partnership and a well thought out strategy we become an extension of your security team. Allowing you to focus on your businesses core competency’s

  • Economy of scale

    As your business grows, its support structure needs to grow. DFND’s Virtul bench of “only the best tallent” will allow you to scale your business up or down with nothing more than a simple discussion.

  • Increased efficiency

    Operational efficiency can be achieved by reducing your Security IT service and delivery costs. DFND provides full transparency on the efficiency of your Investments within your organization.

  • Velocity to Deal with a dangerous world

    As an extension of your security team, you will have better visibility into today’s growing Cybersecurity threats and challenges. DFND’s services enhance the effectiveness of your organization’s capabilities by dealing with ongoing threats and defining policy to mitigate future attacks.

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